The Finest Fine Art Gallery You Can Find!
We are a Studio gallery that is really interested in providing a new gallery experience. We want people to come in and take their time. Many people are surprised at how much they miss when they walk quickly through an art gallery in an effort to “see them all”.
Our gallery is a place to give yourself permission to slow down, even for just a little bit. Hear some of the origin stories of our artists and the history behind the art. Surround yourself with mastery and our amazing group of artists who are focused on the mastering of their craft and bringing art to life. We are honored to carry artists such as B.C. Nowlin, Troy Collins, Paige Bradley and many more. We carry such an eclectic mix so that everyone can find something they love and bring a piece home.
If you are someone who says that you just aren’t into art you owe it to yourself to stop by and get a taste of our eclectic mix of work. Art is for everyone similar to how there is a flavor of food for every palate, you just have to find what you like. We would love the opportunity to share our work with you.
We are locally owned and operated by artists in residence Phillip Payne. Look forward to meeting you!